Men's Outerwear

Enjoy spending time outdoors in our amazing coats, jackets, or hoodies for men. All you need at times especially in the cold seasons is the perfect outerwear that will keep you warm and looking stylish. Here on RebelsMarket, there are many options available for men who need a winter coat, from pea coats to leather, and insulated coats.

A man without a good quality alternative coat at the cold time of the year will regret it quickly if he spends much time outdoors. Make sure to have your closet stocked with the newest edgy men's outerwear for you to be prepared for any season. There are various types of men outerwear such as;

Leather coatThis is a timeless classic in men’s fashion. Many men buy these coats because the leather can last for a long time, it is, therefore, a good investment.  Men’s winter coats made from leather are among the warmest available. If properly padded, leather coats make excellent insulators, trapping body heat to keep the wearer warm. Unless the leather coat is treated regularly with specially formulated products, it is not waterproof. A good leather jacket will give you a badass bad guy feeling. Browse through our gangster costume catalog for more options.

The utility jacket: This jacket is very useful. With its deep pockets, reinforced seams, and ready-for-anything woven-cotton exterior. But instead of the standard military green, opt for one in a more versatile shade like navy blue or black and punch it up with some bright color underneath.

Wool coat: This style of outerwear is timeless and sophisticated. Though it's available in a variety of styles, from a classic pea coat or trench to a simple zip-up. This jacket is perfect as it's always extremely warm and won't go out of style. If you invest in a good wool coat, it can serve you many years to come.

The BomberDepending on the fabric, a bomber jacket may not fare well in winter's coldest temperatures, but with its athletic fit, easy zip, and range of styles, it's one of this season's trendier coat options.
Vest: It is perfect for days when it's not cold enough for a heavy jacket, but not warm enough to forgo an extra layer.

The Parka: It is a waterproof, fully insulated coat with a fur-lined hood to keep the head warm. The hood is often detachable and is fastened on by zip or a series of snap fasteners. The coat has an insulated interior of either down or synthetic fibers. A parka can either be mid-thigh length or hip length. The parka was originally pulled over the head but is now more commonly sold as a gothic trench coat.

The down coat: A down coat is pretty much a necessity come snowstorms and bone-chilling temps. With various types of feather lining, even winter's harshest winds can't get through. A nice down coat will cost you, but it's worth the splurge.

Quilted jackets: These won't offer you much protection against a bitterly cold January, but for milder temperatures, they'll definitely do the trick. Lightweight, fitted, and altogether sleek, a quilted or spiked jacket is both comfortable and pretty darn dapper.

Our selection contains these and more. So sit back and browse our wide selection.