Vintage & Retro Accessories

Vintage accessories can effortlessly turn a simple outfit into an elegant masterpiece. It is the key to a personalized style that defines who you are. The advancements in technology over the years have advanced the materials and designs of vintage fashion. Women adorned themselves with precious ornaments in the past decades as means of flaunting their husband’s wealth. Retro accessories are thus a catch because of their attached meaning and the highly valued craftsmanship used in their production. Get that ‘out of this world’ look by opting for floral bags or hats from the ‘40s and ‘60s. They draw attention wherever you go, whether it is a Halloween event or a masquerade party. These trendy accessories are easy to find matching retro and vintage outfits for any event. 

Adorn your classic maxi dress with a colorful vintage scarf that complements your tone and the color of your maxi. We have infinity, pleated, or printed designs, all from Rebelsmarket, to tone up your appearance with a cocktail of colors. Don’t hesitate to be versatile with varying products for a summery feel and a flirty vintage but sassy look. More importantly, shop for retro-inspired accessories in an array of designs, shapes, patterns, and cuts. Opt for simplicity when it comes to this all-rounder look to achieve a vintage vibe. However, even with all the effort set to match, a revamped accessory closet is the key to pulling off a classy look with utmost precision. Browse through our extensive selection and be chic, always.

Embrace the cold season with breathtaking vintage gloves featuring smirking leather and knit designs. Refurbish your antique collection with sturdy leather gloves or fine-knitted pieces that can alter a simple outfit into an irresistible fashion must-have. You can shop for other retro gloves, like fishnet pieces for your festival outfit and fingerless gloves to style an elegant masquerade outfit for prom or Halloween. Explore our collection today for these designs and more to accessorize your look all year round. 

Go ‘extra’ when you shop for vintage hair accessories today. We have an inspiring collection of vintage hats and caps for men and women to catch some attention. Shop for old-fashioned caps that will serve you killer looks, whether a casual polo look or a biker rock outfit. We offer various styles like flat hats, floral berets, baseball caps, and patchwork bucket pieces to wear all year round. Elastic headbands, flower bands, rhinestone clips, and printed head scarves are all available for fashion lovers who are not afraid to go for boldness. Your summer look is not complete without a classic bandana. Find different tribal prints and geometric drawings or a stylish headscarf in lace designs to go with your swimsuit or floral dress. Shop for the perfect accessory to match your personality. 

Shop for vintage belts and buckles from the quirky collection of nothing but antiques, showcasing different men’s accessories from skull buckles, ornate floral designs, and belts in bullet patterns and rivets. Find leather belts to accessorize a basic outfit, such as studded ornaments and vintage girdles for a festival outfit. Hang keychains on your trouser from your waist to add a touch of Wild Wild West elegance and personalized style. Find an ideal waist chain, such as a single-layered and multi-layered accessory for your outfit. 

Retro bags add a touch of badass classics to any outfit, especially when they are unique and made of high-quality materials. We feature different types of vintage carriers to fit your preference. Check out our sturdy collection of purses and handbags to add to your wardrobe whatever the season. From shoulder to crossbody packs, you can experiment with how you wear them. Shop for pieces in various colors, like brown, black, green, and white, to match the color of your outfit. A studded messenger bag might look trendy with a black-themed outfit and a classic vintage mask to spice it up. On the other hand, go for printed purses for an outrageous style.

Whether you want a pair of round sunglasses to pair with a cool pinup style dress or some chic city oval sunglasses to help you beat the urban heat in style, we have you covered. We stock a wide selection of retro eyewear, perfect for adding a vintage edge to your summer outfits. Whether you love punk-style clothing or you're more into feminine boho styles, a pair of retro rectangle eyewear will give an instant throwback feel to your look. Find old-fashioned goggles made of metal details to style a festival look with the theme of a futuristic feel. Our sunglasses collection is vast because we curate all of our accessories from alternative fashion retailers dealing with classic designer eyepieces. We bring all of the very best styles into one place, which means that you can feel confident that you are shopping for new looks that are totally unique.

There are different patch styles to go for when achieving a trendy look. Be creative with our collection of vintage patches, from embroidery to knit. Choose to go for old-school iron-on patches in designs like aliens, wordings, animals, and cassettes. An embroidered piece is a great way to add color to your clothing. Have a look at our bold designs that would be ideal for a festival outfit. 

Add a twist to a timeless staple by shopping for unique and classic watches at RebelsMarket. Our collection will add sophistication and edge to your outfits. We have pocket watches perfect for both everyday and special occasions. These timepieces are guaranteed to be distinctive from what you can shop for at any other store, so get yours today at an affordable price. Watches are great investment pieces because they never go out of style, but it’s hard to find the perfect one. Most wrist pieces today are so simple, and most are strictly floral and feminine. Here you’ll find great pieces with a unique style that can androgynously fit both men and women, such as our band wristwatches, floral pieces, and vintage printed designs. 

Check out our vintage socks section for classic pieces you can wear during winter or summer. We offer various designs, from character comic prints, embroidered florals to chain details, for an extra touch to any look. Our knee-high socks come in different materials, like spandex, satin, and mesh, that are breathable and lightweight to experiment with. If you like high-quality stockings, browse through our wide collection of mesh stockings you might like. From ankle, knee, to thigh-lengths, find the ideal accessory to pair with your skirts or dresses for a casual look. Whether you are shopping for leg warmers for winter or light socks for summer, our wide selection will cater to your alternative needs. 

Vintage accessories are a great wardrobe essential for the old-time lover. Quality designs with roses and stars at Rebelsmarket reflect a diehard personality with mystic vintage appeals. If you are going for glamor, our trendy urban accessories from the early 1900 offer a wide selection that matches your taste. These are pieces that feature classic motifs loved by the era of fun and elegance. Get a unique piece to transform your outfit, and you will steal all the attention wherever you go. Shop today and enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase.