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The vintage era is here yet again to show us how Halloween can be fun, spirited, and classy at the same time. Share a milkshake in a 50’s style diner, or check out the local sock hop while adorning a poodle skirt costume! Embrace the retro style with our Halloween cosplay costume , featuring poodle skirt outfits for adults and kids. Go back to the happy days of the 1950s, when the style was a hit and was in almost every girl’s wardrobe. Get grooving and sway your hips to the collection today because we have a variety available for you! 

Have you seen our poodle skirts? They look so adorable that you’ll have to buy one on the spot. If you are looking for an exciting Halloween costume to try out instead of the everyday cosplay looks, the 50s poodle skirt will give you a different vibe. It is a wide swing felt skirt displaying designs appliqued or transferred to the fabric, with hemlines to the knee or just below it. The design is often a poodle but later substitutes for the patch with designs like flamingos, flowers, and hot rod cars. The pup on the skirt will grab all the attention; we can bet on that! 

Since the 1950s, the poodle skirt Halloween costumes have gained much importance. The skirt quickly became a popular disco costume among teenage girls, who wore them at school dances and everyday wear. The name of these skirts has an interesting story. This iconic pin-up and rockabilly outfit trend started back in 1947 and didn't actually start with a poodle. The original designer, Juli Lynne Charlot, wanted to create a holiday skirt for herself but had few sewing skills. Fashionable women were often seen walking cute little dogs on leashes, which gave Charlot an idea. The first series of the outfit she launched was Christmas-specific, whereas the second was dog-themed, resulting in this name. So now you can get yourself a cute costume featuring poodles as the main motif and look like you have been dropped off from the 50s train, right in time for the party!

Pinkie poodle costume – it is more than a Halloween outfit:

Pinkie poodle costume isn’t an October staple only. Shop for them as informal apparel, making them the perfect costume idea that you can wear all year round. You can wear the pinkie poodle outfit at carnivals, festivals, and theme parties. We are sure you’ll create your fan following with this lovely dress. A Black or white shirt works perfectly fine. Pairing it with a high-pony 50s hairstyle would make you look amazing.

Adult poodle skirt costume to dance and groove in:

If you want to jump back to the 50s trend, you need a women’s poodle skirt costume. We have a large selection of Halloween costumes for women, featuring circle skirts with a poodle applique on the front. Shop from our variety of designs and colors available in regular and plus sizes. Traditional styles include skirts that fall below the knee, but you can shop for sexy minis to show off your legs. Shop for the sweetheart dance costume that comes in a hot red color to get you grooving in no time. Check out our Halloween accessories and props section for matching items, including hair accents, jewelry, and more.  

Kids poodle skirt costume – kids can also wear it:

When adults are enjoying the nifty fifties poodle skirt costume, kids can also join in on the trend. Kids' costumes are also available with a lovely little dog detail on the skirt. Find other varieties of skirt patterns in our vintage collection that would perfectly fit your loved one, and you can be twinsies while trick or treating! For sure, the collection will provide you and your little one with an amazing outlook.

Toddler Poodle Skirt Costume – to make your toddlers look amazing:

Poodle skirt costumes for toddlers are a cute addition to the costume range, don’t you agree? So dress her up in this beautiful ensemble, and she will definitely show off her new look to all her friends. 

Girls’ poodle skirt costume – a prominent part of a girl’s wardrobe:

Young girls have remained a fan of this skirt since its creation. There is more than one way to rock a poodle skirt! If you are looking for the ideal 50s outfit to wear to your next costume event, the first thing you need to do is figure out which look matches your style. You’ll find a girl's poodle skirt costume that will bring out the sassiness in you and make you the ideal dance queen. If you don’t have this skirt until now, you might want to check out our girls’ cosplay collection today.

Whether you're taking a stroll down memory lane or need a retro costume for Halloween, we have a poodle skirt costume for you at affordable prices. The sizes range from toddler to women's plus size, and they come in other designs than the traditional just-below-the-knee length. Find the collection in sexy shorter versions, so there's a size and style for any taste or occasion! Shop with us today and get 10% OFF on your first purchase, as well as worldwide shipping!

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