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Are you ready to make a magical entrance this Halloween? If so, check out our selection of unicorn costumes for kids and adults! RebelsMarket offers a range of outfits from simple onesies to funny ride-on costumes featuring your favorite mythological creature. Shop from our assortment of Halloween cosplay costumes, and find fun accessories like horns, hats, headbands, glitter makeup kits, and more to create a unique look. No matter which unicorn Halloween costume you choose, you’re sure to bring some sparkle as you throw the ultimate party!

When thinking of mythical creatures, they stand out as more majestic and magical than all others put together. Unicorns have been a symbol of fun and wonder, way before the Halloween trick-or-treating practice, themed parties, or the concept of costume contests. Yet, any occasion that calls for fantasy outfits is undoubtedly not without one of these sparkling and enigmatic creatures. There's something about this unique Halloween outfit that takes everything intriguing from an everyday horse and cranks it up to a level of galloping on rainbows and non-stop glittering. Have the most magical Halloween of all when you dress up in a rainbow unicorn costume. That's right, the rainbow tails and glitter horns trend isn't going anywhere, and why should it? 

The history of the unicorn has a few surprising elements, which are associated with it religiously and historically. Whatever your age, these mythical creatures with a cute horn will make you want to have one in your backyard. Wearing a unicorn horse costume would be appropriate no matter what occasion you are wearing it to. All you need is a theme party or a cosplay and an outfit that would fit effortlessly.

Unicorn costume – is it a symbol of harmony and equality?

Well, it can be, as the impression you’d want to create in your unicorn look is dependent on you. Unicorns can be associated with all the positive events you can think of, including compassion, love, sacrifice, purity, and magic. You can decide what meaning you would be interested in portraying with your Halloween outfit.

Inflatable unicorn costume – for larger sized unicorns:

Inflatable unicorn costumes are best if you need to have a larger and easy to carry garment. The inflatable technology makes it lighter in weight so that you can run around like a horse and impress others. The rainbow tail inflatable option is available on RebelsMarket, with different options to choose from. If you are looking for an equally large-sized outfit other than inflatables, we also carry mascot costumes in cute onesies and jumpsuits.

Kids unicorn costume – kids can’t be left behind:

Little ones love the magic that these mystical creatures bring. Kids often want to copy what the elders do, so if you are shopping for a Halloween outfit, you’ll have to buy one for your little one too. Besides, unicorns are quite famous among kids, so buying them the toddler’s unicorn outfit would make them happy other than making them look all cute. For all these multi-purpose benefits associated with the cute costume, you’ll have to buy them.

Girls unicorn costumes are for everyone:

Girls can also join in on this fun adventure.? Girls' unicorn costumes are available, and you can be a fantasy creature-like your male friends this Halloween. Buy a tutu dress outfit from our Girls’ Halloween collection today with glitter makeup and rainbow horns to create a flock of unicorns with the squad. This would be a unique spectacle so expect some great cheers from the attendees.

Adult Unicorn Costume to let you live your dream:

Being an adult does not mean that you have to limit your dreams and fantasies. Plenty of adults enjoy the fanciful beauty of unicorns as well! This is why the women’s cosplay collection is here. Select a woman’s unicorn costume onesie or dress and transform yourself into an elegant creature of the forest. Slip into an adult-sized jumpsuit; it’s a fun and comfortable outfit that’s perfect for trick or treating, parties, and more. Add some Halloween accessories like a rainbow tail or full-face mask to complete your outfit. Dress up in our outfits and roam here and there in the party to portray your love, purity, and magic, which are the characteristics of the mythological creature.

Young to old, we all wish we could escape everyday life on the back of a wild one-horned steed, fueled on sparkles and fairy dust. Make your dreams come true this Halloween with magic and fantasy. A wide variety of unicorn costume ideas is available at our store. We also have other animals in the collection that you might like, such as bunny costumes, horses, cows, and lions. Visit our website today and get your favorite dress, jumpsuit, or mascot. Whether you are going for the traditional white or pink, or going for a dark costume, find the perfect fit for the next theme party. Shop at RebelsMarket and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. We also ship worldwide!

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