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Men’s Double Breasted Coats

Are you looking to add sophistication and style to your wardrobe? Few pieces can be better at adding this sophistication and style than double-breasted coats for men. Ooze distinction and class each time you strut around with our great maxi long jackets made to give you an edge. Unimaginable designs and quality are now within your reach, given the low prices RebelsMarket has for you in our collection of men’s alternative coats

The garment has been around for a long time and has been popular among generations. A question that is asked these days is are double-breasted coats still in style? The answer is, most definitely! It’s hard to imagine such imaginative designs like those featured in military style jackets and coats being out of style. The high-quality nature of each of the pieces featured in our collection, featuring luxury materials such as cashmere, and the cozy fabric in cotton, will never cease to have value in your alternative men’s clothing wardrobe. 

There are varying designs in this collection that cater to different styles. For those into captivating dark designs, then there is a men’s gothic coat just for you. Goth has inspired aesthetics and features in their pieces, such as having capes and embroidered hoodies that make for incredible attire. To those interested in a timeless classic with a vintage vibe, there are vintage coats for men that are the ticket to getting you to look great. One iconic aspect of these vintage pieces is the checkered pattern of long plaid jackets, renowned for their elegance. How can we not mention the inventive and eye-catching designs showcased by our steampunk coats’ curation? Steampunk exudes creativity and imagination with a touch of class, given the ideals of the style. Whichever style you can think of, there is bound to be a long double-breasted jacket that pays homage to it. Dive into the collection and get a valuable piece for you to look great in.

You are probably wondering, what is a double-breasted coat and what makes it so unique? It is a garment with wide overlapping flaps at the front that have two columns of symmetrical buttons. On the flip side, single-breasted has a narrow overlap and only a single column of buttons. Most modern designs of the long double-breasted jacket have only one available column of buttons, while others are decorative. The available column is often at the edge and allows it to overlap and fasten reversibly. This feature has inspired various staples in fashion, including military and trench coats which would pair well with your fashion mens boots or military leather boots, the choice is yours! Our collection boasts of having a range of options from plus size to slim fit. Get your piece today and enjoy beautiful creations from talented designers sourced globally. 

Certain aspects allow you to distinguish between different types of pieces in our collection, such as wool or double-breasted camel coats. Fabric is one such aspect, as different materials make varying long jackets. Our endeavor to meet the appropriate standards that you deserve leads us to use nothing but superior fabric. Wool is a material that makes for a warm and comfortable fabric, given its insulating nature. Wool long jackets are a brilliant option as it offers a superior wearing experience. Cashmere is one example of this category of item, and it is known for its classy wear. Pair them with men’s dress shoes for an edgy look. There are also stylish long leather pieces, given the finish that the material gives off. Leather pieces are rivaled by polyester in popularity and have been used in creating iconic pieces such as those featured in double-breasted trench coats.

You may distinguish some of the pieces in our collection based on what weather you are wearing them for. For instance, warm weather would have you opt for a sleeveless piece with a steampunk vibe perfect for a casual setting. Complete your look with a sleeveless double-breasted coat that also makes for excellent summer wear since they are lightweight and get a pair of steampunk boots mens to enhance your footwear. When it’s summer, you can also consider purchasing double-breasted topcoats as they will keep you warm, and you can use them to layer over your punk rock clothing. Opt for lightweight, long jackets for spring and summer as it tends to be warmer. 

Don’t be left out while everyone is looking for ideal clothing during the winter months. Get ahead of the game and shop for unique turn-down coats to complement your outfit and keep the cold away. RebelsMarket products allow you to maintain an edgy style as you keep the cold away. The flair of products in this collection, such as the peacoat, will always be a plus in your closet.  

Dare to be bold with your alternative style and break free from mainstream status quo outerwear. Our overcoats come in vibrant colors, different silhouettes, and style options to match different personalities. No matter what kind of double-breasted coat, RebelsMarket has various options for you to choose from today. Shop at RebelsMarket today and get 10% OFF your order when you shop with us for the first time. And that’s not all; we ship worldwide too!