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Witch Wizard Costumes

The servants of the night have arrived, conjuring spells, pulling off tricks, and stunning mortals with their magic. Most of us dream of wielding powerful magic, and with our witch and wizard costumes, you can feel like an all-powerful, magical being, even if you don't know a single spell! RebelsMarket carries plenty of Halloween and cosplay costumes for men, women, boys, and girls. Each attire has its own unique style, making you feel confident enough for a bit of sorcery at your next themed party! Ditch the usual traditional garments and try out these exciting cosplay looks instead. Shop from our online store today.

Are you looking for the perfect costume ideas for the festival or party? Ever fantasized about being a sorcerer? Want to try the spells and get over all your frustrating home chores and tasks? Or do you want to do away with school and people you don’t like? Well, we can’t help you cast a spell, but we carry a wide collection of magical-themed outfits for adults and kids for inspiration on your next October 31st look. Will that work? For the great fans of the magic world, we believe it would. As you decorate for a Halloween party with skulls and wands, check out our different designs and spooky accessories to carry with you from our online store.

Sorcerers have filled our storybooks, TV shows, and movies for years, from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Maleficent to Wizard of Oz, among many others. The mystery surrounding them makes magic and sorcery so hugely popular. Anyone who has ever picked up a J.R.R. Tolkien book or watched one of these movie marathons has that strong desire to become a cast speller. Who wouldn't? You get to wield magical weapons, like nimble wands, and shoot firebolts through the sky. Most importantly, you get to wear some really cool robes and gowns while you do it all! Add a little witchcraft to your Halloween look with our selection of spooky costumes that are the perfect beginning to any quest to become the world's most powerful sorcerer! 

Wizard and Witch costumes; which one do you like?

Do you like magical movies like Fantastic Beasts, Merlin, Hansel and Gretel, or Hocus Pocus? Do you find yourself glued to scary series like the Witcher or the Originals? There are great Nickelodeon magic tv shows for kids and teens to watch, like Every Witch Way, The Haunted Hathaways, and the Bureau of Magical Things. Every movie and show has its own style and different kinds of magic inherent in the characters. Who said you are tied to one film or character? Choose from as many as you want to get the perfect ensemble and finalize your Halloween costume. Whether you’re waving your wand, casting a spell, or boiling up a potion in your cauldron, you’ll conjure up the spookiest and sexiest range of outfits at RebelsMarket.

Wizard costume ideas

No matter how many hours you spend perfecting your magic chants, chances are you don’t have a get-up quite as cool as what we have at RebelsMarket. Check out a wide range of wizard ensembles for adults and kids; we carry a ton of different options, which means that aspiring sorcerers, both big and small, can craft a truly magical look.

Our men's and women’s costumes range from classic looks to famous characters from novels and movies. If you are shopping for something that looks like it came out of a fairytale, then you may want to shop for one of our more traditional looks, such as Professor Dumbledore or Gandalf of Lord of the Rings that has robes and astronomical symbols on it. You can also walk the path of evil and try out some of our dark wizard attires for adults from our horror movie collection, like the Lord Voldemort ensemble, which will make you look a little more like a devilish warlock than the classic Merlin type. 

For fans of Wizard of Oz, music has a special place in our hearts. So, here is a suggestion. You can wear a steampunk Caffery skirt, a scarecrow ensemble, cowardly lion, tin man, or black fallen angel costume and keep some music from Wizard of Oz with you handy. We are sure you are going to have a fun time with all these costumes. Children also have some great choices in the collection. Our boy wizard costumes will have your little one looking ready to start their very own dungeons and dragons campaign, and our girl outfits might have your child ready for a trip to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts' finest are about to make an appearance in your neighborhood. Their powers are at their heights, and you can join in on the fun with our selection of licensed Harry Potter costumes. Dress like Harry, create a mark, have a Hermione outlook, and prove your intellectual power, or dress like Ron and show your love for your friends. On the other hand, you can go for the ultimate evil, like Voldermort or Dementor, and scare the creeps out of onlookers; you’ll enjoy trying out our villain collection. You can plan a Harry Potter theme with your friends or family and have fun together. For sure, other groups will envy your friendship and creativity too.

Witch costume ideas

Are you ready to take your place as a wondrous witch! Not only is there mystery and magic involved in this most alluring of occupations, but you have one heck of an ensemble to pull off! Who knows? Perhaps you will pull off your spellcasting style so well, become the ultimate sorcerer, and unite all the covens! It all starts with the perfect style for your character. So check out our blog on the seven iconic witches and how to get their looks for Halloween for a wide range of spooky cosplay looks to shop for. With the available options, you can mix and match everything from classic Wizard of Oz Glinda the good witch and the Evil Queen of Snow White to modern masters of potions that put the gluten-free spin on the old, once ways. Explore our collection of men, women, boys, and girls and our Halloween accessories and props for different styles to kill as an individual or couple.

Is Elphaba really “wicked” or just misunderstood? For a while, we all thought she was a dog-snatching, water-hating, green-skinned ne’er-do-well. It turns out Elphie was something of a hero fighting the tyranny of Oz. This costume includes a black satin top with a lace accent that forms to your figure, a frilled skirt, and a matching snake-print hat. Fight the forces of evil with the Elphaba ensemble this Halloween and join other protagonists trying to prove that mystery and magic are for good.

Who says you’re too young to be dabbling in Hocus Pocus magic? If your child is the belle of the ball type, then chances are she will also want to bring some bling to the black arts. You know your little one is full of tricks and mischief, and we have the perfect attire to dress up like her favorite sorcerer from the hit movie Hocus Pocus. Everyone knows that the traditionally drab, black outfit could use some flash, and this ensemble provides just that. This costume includes a hat, dress, and capelet with a collar.  

In colonial times, the life of a Salem witch was fraught with peril. There was plenty of hysteria and madness that brought a few to trial, but no punishment could silence the dark powers! Become a wicked resurrected sorcerer with the Salem gothic costume. The attire comes with a blood-stained apron, dress, collar, hat, and noose. You will be the ultimate scary sorcerer of the neighborhood when you pull off with this mystical look!

RebelsMarket offers multiple sorcerers’ attires from classic movies, tv shows, and books. Whether you are going for the wicked witch from the west, Harry Potter, Merlin, or a witch doctor, find an ideal ensemble for you to wear at the festival, party, or convention. Release your inner magic this Halloween with our wide range of costumes for kids and adults. Shop at RebelsMarket and get 10% OFF your first purchase. We ship worldwide!