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Villain Costumes

Are you inspired by the strong, striking appearances made by the bad guys in movies and comics? Do you want to dress up as your favorite negative character? If your goal this Halloween is to torment, freak out, and cause people's hair to stand after you unleash world terror, then you have come to the right spot. Find in our collection villain costumes guaranteed to make everyone scream. Our baddie clothes will set you aside from every other person's outfit come Halloween because wrongdoers are known to be strong and worthy adversaries to the hero. Inspire fear this Halloween with The Joker, Darth Vader, Predator, and Freddy Kruger outfits to kickstart your evildoer attitude come October the 31st. If these fiend and creepy movie characters have taught us anything, it's that every great story has an antagonist. Explore our collection of supervillain costumes for a wicked natural touch to your personality for the upcoming costume party.

Halloween allows us to be who we imagine ourselves to be. While most people run to save the day in superhero costumes, make things hard for them by unleashing never-seen destruction before. Get a Thanos outfit from our collection, and with the five rings, you can wipe half of the world with the infinity rings. Cool right? That's not all; you can continue being a sinister and uncanny character this Halloween with a Darth maul outfit as you head out to fight the Jedi. Get female and men's villains' clothes at RebelsMarket and let your presence leave an ominous, threatening, and menacing impression on everyone. As you do so, pass through our horror costumes for more inspiration on how to put the fear in trick and treat. 

Villain cosplay garb is unique, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing yet at the same time allows you to capture, at the very best, the emotions of fear. But with so many ideas you could try, how do you pick an exciting costume that is both creepy and fun for you to wear? Fortunately, when you shop at RebelsMarket, that is not something to worry about. Continue reading for costume ideas you can try out. 

Costumes for Kids

Disney villain garments give you an animated monster touch. Disney characters are loved by many, meaning you can easily pull off a brute-themed look. Find Disney-inspired attires for your kids ranging from Scar from the beloved movie Lion King which the boys would like, or a Maleficent garb for your princess. Do you want to dress up your kid as Gaston? Well, you can! You can even allow them to be a glamorous sociopath and an A-list fiend with Cruella De Vil ensembles which you can find at affordable prices. Planning a miscreant theme for the next party? If you are not afraid to dress your kids like real bad guys from the movies, we have frightening options for your little ones. Shop forVoldemort'ss attire inspired by Harry Potter, The Joker from Batman, Dracula, or pick a vampire's Halloween attire for the bold kids. Vampires are sure to put the F in fear. Our cosplay collection for kids will have adults move from" "aaaaaaw to holy cow" faster than the kids can say peek a boo. 

Villain costumes for ladies

The real world could be patriarchal, but you don't have to see this patriarchy in the world. There are enormous female baddie attires to create the much-needed horror. Get sexy villainous costumes that will confuse the heroes who want to stop your mission with your killer badass outfit. Who said baddies couldn't be sexy? The possibilities are endless for any woman shopping from our catalog. 

One evildoer people never see coming is probably ghosts. Their presence alone can shake things up, even for those who believe ghosts are not real. Have you watched The Conjuring? Recreate the haunting, possessive, consuming, and spine-chilling fear that Bathsheba brought to the whole family with ghost costumes from our collection. Bring Ghostbusters, The Nun, and Mama to life and let the wails sing you to bed on October 31st. Nothing quite says Jack-O-Lanterns like the presence of a ghost. Don't forget to add dramatic hair, big eyes, and a devilish smile. 

Still on that bad girl vibe? Let us charm you with more spooks galore. Take a tour of our Halloween witch looks and awaken the ghosts, goblins, and scary witches. We loved the awakening of witches from The Originals and how the mighty Klaus trembled when he heard the name, Davina. A new awakening has come, and this time Maleficent, Hocus Pocus, and Hope Mikaelson are in for the ride too. Give the attire a new look with these super fun, creepy attires. If witches don't put the s in scary for you, let us whet your appetite for all things creepy with monster costumes. We all think monsters are in our heads until they start wishing you a happy haunting night. It's best to be the monster instead of the haunted, so hurry and pick an evil villain attire to secure your seat in the evil council of October 31. 

Costumes for men

When the joker said," "I like villains more than heroes because what they say, they do," We believed him. With so many options, you don't have to look for other men's costumes to wear at a party this month. Choose from our clown outfits if you are going for the killer joker look. Put your criminal mastermind skills to play when you wear this outfit. Prank your friends, family, and neighbors with sadistic joker clothes and increase your chances of being ranked best dressed this Halloween. Don't forget to go all the way and get a clown make-up to give the look a creepy feel as you take down Batman. 

Never has there been a large group of villains like the one we witnessed on the beloved series, The Walking Dead. Nations were brought to a standstill as the army of zombies sought to welcome as many people into the world of the dead. As an excellent idea this Halloween, why don't you get yourself a zombie costume with your friends or family, and as you trick or treat, devour as many homes as possible. We have attires that can recreate the army of the walking dead such as mouthless bloody monsters to latex Game of Thrones Knight King masks to gear you up as you faceKhaleesi'ss army. Switch things up a little and browse through our skeleton attires and pick a full body Frankenstein outfit. 

Whether you plan to tell stories with your pals, prank people, visit haunted houses, watch horror movies or attend the party of the year this Halloween, we have something in our collection fit for the job. We don't stop at bringing you exciting outfits; we also give you insider tips on creepy Halloween accessories you can rock with your clothes. Heroes are made because villains exist, and at RebelsMarket, we make new evildoers each day when you shop from our blood-curdling Halloween collection. Still wondering where you can shop for attractive, dynamic, and unique fits? Look no further because our catalog is diverse and caters to many themes you may want to pull off come Halloween.

Shop at RebelsMarket today and get villain garments for adults, kids, ladies, and men. Explore our collection to get Dart Maul, Darth Sidious, Bane, and Darth Vader costumes. When you buy from us, you get 10% off your first purchase and worldwide shipping. I witch you a happy Halloween!